*Working on My “Fun” Project

Hello friends. You’ve probably guessed the reason why I’ve been silent for a while, and you’re right: I’ve been very busy working on the foundations of my new website, Swordsman Library.

Yes, I said that this will only be a “fun” project, and not “work.” Still, the foundations need to be built first before this project can be truly fun, and so that’s what I’ve been doing.

To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about: As you may have noticed, I’ve already customized the library’s appearance to complement this blog. Also, the basic structure and pages have already been set. This work on the website itself is part of the foundations. However, this is only the wrapping, so to speak. What am I to do with a new website/blog if I have nothing to post? And so I’ve been working on that too.

For example, I’ve come up with this structure for my blog posts, under the category of Bible Story:

  • A short introduction by me
  • An illustration by Gustave Doré (or maybe by James Tissot)
  • The story itself from the World English Bible (WEB)
  • A related extract from Matthew Henry’s Bible commentary
  • A related extract from Alexander Maclaren’s sermons
  • A related extract from Charles Spurgeon’s sermons

Obviously, if I am to make a regular posting of this kind, I must already have in my computer hard drive — readily accessible to me, and easily posted to WordPress — the WEB text, Henry’s commentary, and Maclaren and Spurgeon’s sermons. (The greatest challenge in all of this is to collect, process, and archive Spurgeon’s 3,500+ sermons… which I’m still doing right now!)

Anyway, my friends, I’ve told you these things so that you’ll know that I’ve not forgotten my plans and promises for this blog, Swordsman of the Word. The fact is, I’m working hard to finish ASAP the core foundations for my library so that I can get back here.

And so how much more time I need? I think maybe a week more, tops. Then I’ll post some musings about a book I’ve read. After that, it’s back to serious essay writing.

Thank you for your patience!

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*Patrons Freebie #2

I am sometimes guilty of not spending enough time with the Lord, especially when I have a lot of things to do. And I only remember to stop and seek him out when I find that I’m already running on empty — I’m sluggish and irritable, and my joy is drained. During the busy months that led to the launching of my website, Swordsman of the Word, there had been many instances of this.

I don’t know how original I am, but I’ve always had this principle that when I’m building something, I need first to establish the foundations as soon as possible, and at a great cost, usually to myself (late nights, eye strain, fatigue, lack of exercise). When that is done, I can then proceed with the work in a reasonable, healthy, and even leisurely manner. I picture it as building a tower: the foundations I need to build ASAP (can’t do anything else until this is done), and the superstructures for the rest of my life (or something like that).

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