*A New Complementary Website

Hello friends. I have created a new WordPress.com website to complement this blog, and it is Swordsman LibraryRead Christian classics and the Bible.

Yes, this is still in its very early stage of construction, but I decided to share it now and make it public because doing so will give me a strong motivation to work on it. You see, MUCH labor is still needed before this website can be in a reasonable shape — it is a library after all — and working on it privately is sure to be discouraging and taxing. For example, I’m planning to publish at least one of the Public Domain Bible translations available, particularly the World English Bible.

And so it would be much better for me if I do this as a fun project — and not as work — and with you sharing it with me every step of the way :)

And why am I doing this, you ask. After all, there are already many websites like this one I’m planning.

Well, besides the strong leading that I’m getting from God, I personally want to do this too. I love reading, especially about God and the faith, and I’d like to share some of what I’m reading with you. Furthermore, I’ve wanted for a long time to have my own copies of the Bible on the internet, and while I’m it, why not include some of the best Christian classics? Lastly, this library can serve as a good promotional tool for this blog, Swordsman of the Word.

This project is made possible because of WordPress’ new block editor. It now allows for custom HTML to be included in the post, and this, I hope, would make publishing the Bible and other books much easier.

This new website will have two sections: the library itself, which will be made up of a hierarchy of pages, and a blog, which I’ll update every week or so. For my blog posts, I’m thinking of posting extracts, both from the Bible and Christian literature, but with my own short introduction and/or commentary.

Anyway, I hope that this work will be blessed!

Notice: This post is not included in the CC license.


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